The Firm Innovation for Excellence

The Firm Innovation for Excellence


BDP invests heavily in library facilities to ensure immediate update of legal resources. With its new electronic software databases, its legal library has now more direct access capability to legal information to enable its lawyers at all times to respond promptly to clients’ needs.

The Firm library has the following accessible legal resources :

  1. Complete volumes of Supreme Court Reports Annotated (SCRA)
  2. Court of Tax Appeals Reports Annotated
  3. Electronic databases : LexLibris (Taxation, Jurisprudence, Laws, SEC)
  4. Local and Foreign legal publications (Taxation, Civil, Labor, Commercial, Remedial Laws)
  5. Current Legal Resources & Services Subscription
  6. Government Issuances (BIR,SEC,DOJ, Malacañang)
  7. Other Vital Legal Resources



BDP believes that collegial and amiable office environment is vital for the team members to conveniently perform their individual legal work in an effective and efficient manner. Each lawyer is provided with a comfortable office cubicle, a computer and a telephone to immediately attend to the needs of clients.

A study room is provided for a thorough study of every problem, case or situation. The lawyer who takes care of the clients’ problem in the aspect of litigation ensures the desired results through close consultation and liaison with professionals within the fields of expertise and professional practice.



BDP develop its own in-house automated systems to provide services that will result into cost savings for clients.

The Firm uses an effective communication technique through internet link for direct access to legal resources and information. Each lawyer and legal staff has his own computer attuned to the latest information technology to uphold timely and effective delivery of services.